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MWL-174 Emyra vs Autumn (Domination in lingerie)

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
Full Video Part 1 : This match is obviously gonna be a domination and thats what I wanted to see! I just love when super hot girls are stuck, helpless under thick girls. Emyra doesnt even have to be really aggressive, shes just using her weight to dominate Autumn. She sat on top of her, scissored her, choked her…and the poor red head couldnt do anything… Part 2 : Emyra loves to choke the girls…their neck are so small compared to her strong arms! She made Autumn her victim and the poor girl was totally helpless under her control. Emyra is slowly dominating her, she’s confident with her cocky smile. She got the hot red head in a camel clutch, sat on her back and stayed there to humiliate her some more. She sat on her stomach, hold her hands down, scissored her neck and her tiny body. Autumn couldnt escape any hold, but Emyra was releasing her to see her victim suffer in several holds. She finally got a choke on her and Autumn had to submit before passing out. Part 3 : Emyra is starting to think her victim is a little too weak for her…so she got her in several scissors, chokes her again and did another camel clutch. She did the holds I told her to do to the hot red head. This is the kind of hold I love to see hot girl stuck in…. BUT at the end, what I really wanted to see, is Emyra making Autumn pass out with her breasts. I wanted to see Autumn helpless, under Emyra…Her perfect body stuck under the amazon taking control with some BREASTS SMOTHERING!…
Length: 10 minutes
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MWL-162 Jen Thomas vs Jezabella Pro Style in lingerie

Monday, April 1st, 2013
Both sexy women are wearing lingerie…and as usual, they are both crazy and agressive! they both wanna win badly! Pro style wrestling with belly punching, stomach torture, scissors, belly slapping, etc. Great action and if you love their style, you will love that match! Intense pro wrestling action!
Length: 5 minutes
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MWL-162 Jen Thomas vs Jezabella Pro Style in lingerie

MWL-152 Mutiny vs Dayana Catfight + Wrestling

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

I rarely shoot any catfight because Im always scared at how crazy it can get but somebody asked for it and I thought I could shoot it with Dayana. We started with some wrestling and I lost my lingerie quite quickly! In fact, we are both wearing sexy lingerie, which is also quite unusual! My boobs are out all the match, you will see intense and hard hear pulling, some soft and medium slapping (face, body but mainly breasts slapping), a lot of boobs torture (pinching, slapping, squeezing, squashing), some scissors, stretching but a great choke that Dayana kept tight around my neck… while I was on her knees, quite dizzy, she was playing with my nipple to tease me…should I like or hate that girl? Length: 11 minutes

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MWL-124 Brooke vs Mutiny Wrestling in lingerie

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Very sexy moves and holds! We did some special holds that we never used before!!! I had control of the first half of the match and this poor Brooke couldnt do anything!!!! she was my victim! at one point, she got me good and from that moment, she had control! She finally smothered me with her breasts to make me pass out! We are both wearing hot lace dresses, it was for a Valentine Day special!!! :-)

Length 7 min

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MWL-112 /BW-34 Brooke vs Domino Pins Only

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Brooke and Domino are both wearing sexy lingerie and they agreed on a wrestling match with pins only! Brooke’s got a weight advantage against tiny Domino but she’s very quick and tricky! Even if she seems quite skinny, her upper body is very strong and she was able to lift Brooke on the first pin she tried on her! They both did many schoolgirl pins but at one point, you can see that Brooke didnt expect that, so she got Domino in a headscissors to get her weak. Im holding the camera and Im the one counting the pins. Brooke also got Domino in a reverse schoolgirl pin and stayed there for a while! You’ll see a lot of body to body action :-)

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MWL-95 Mutiny vs Brooke 26 minutes

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Description by Mutiny:

We are both wearing underwear…
I completly outwrestle her until the middle of the video. I wanted to tie her up and just show her she couldnt do anything to me…Poor Brooke, so beautiful and small…I was squashing her!!!

I made her pass out and I was about to tie her up with my rope but she lowblowed me and took control.

She made me pass out with a rearnaked choke…she tied me up…laughed at me…and started to take pictures. She finally left me there…

that was so humiliating…she’ll pay for that.

This is a 26 min video!

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MWL-24 Carlos vs Brittany

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

MWL-24 Brittany vs Carlos

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