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November 4th, 2013

The MontrealWrestlingLeague project isnt working as i wanted. People love it, but this website is not what it was suppose to be.

I will keep the concept, girls will still come to my place and wrestle several week ends a year, but it will be on

I will shoot more sexy fights (topless, bikini, thongs) on MutinyWrestling but i will add all the MWL updates, so many videos for the members.

IF you are a member of the MontrealWrestlingLeague, WRITE ME HERE :

I will work out a deal with you. cancel your rebill and I will give you a free 3 months membership for MutinyWrestling, plus some videos of my next wrestling tour.

MutinyWrestling will become bigger, wayyy more videos for all tastes…

MontrealWrestlingLeague will be the wrestling school of MutinyWrestling.

It will be free, you will have updates of the girls…some free clips…

it will be like a blog…

and I will use the MWL to train new girls for pro style wrestling…

MWL-182 Mégane vs Kasumi Full Match

October 23rd, 2013
Full Match : This is a first! 2 of the sexiest ladies of the MWL are fighting against each other! Some people are not even able to say who’s who! Two sexy girls with black hair who likes to fight. Kasumi thought it would be easy and I mus admit I thought she would have it easy too. Last time, Mégane wasnt really competitive, but she gave all she had in that fight. She realized that Kasumi was in shape and quite agressive, so she got her good too. I was impressed by both of them, and I love to see them fight!!! they are soooo beautiful!!!!
Length: 13 minutes
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MWL-181 Dayana vs Savannah Full Match

October 23rd, 2013

Full Match : Savannah is a little less nervous to wrestle dayana. She thinks she’s nicer than Myleena and she’s right! Dayana still took control over the sexy Savannah, but at least she was able to fight back a couple of time! she got D in a headlock, a scissors and a choke! we were quite surprised! But Dayana is getting really good and she did some sexy holds to her opponent!

Length: 11 minutes
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MWL-180 Myleena vs Savannah Full Match

October 23rd, 2013
Full Match : Carlos asked each girl how they are feeling before the match. Myleena is really confident since she just threw Savannah out of her room since she wanted to be by herself and Savannah didnt say anything, didnt protest!. Savannah is quite nervous, she got kicked out of the room, shes now the one sleeping in the tent, and she’s really scared of Myleena. Well, this match is a one sided match! Myleena DESTROYED Savannah with many different holds, she even lifted her at one point (bearhug) and Savannah couldnt do anything. She choked her, pulled her hair, camel clutch, single leg boston crab, scissors…Myleena was a total bully!
Length: 11 minutes
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FEMALE WRESTLING / Tag Team match confirmed!

October 15th, 2013


The Théâtre Extrême in collaboration with the MWL will present a tag team match between 4 female wrestlers from Montreal. The name of the ladies will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

(By the pictures on the poster, you have a little idea of who’s going to be there!!!) 3 more girls to confirm!

November 16th, 9001 Parkway, Montreal
Admission : 10$

MW-178 Mya vs Myleena Catfight/Wrestling FULL VIDEO

October 10th, 2013
FULL VIDEO Myleena is so confident and she doesnt get that the other girls were taken in the league. She doesnt get that girls like Mya who only did pro wrestling can be a part of a competitive league. Myleena started the match by laughing at her so bad that Mya had to breathe in deeply before starting the match. She didnt want to lose it. The thing is, Myleena didnt stop there. She PULLED HER HAIR, choked her, threw her down on the mats quite hard. She saw Mya was starting to be really upset and this is why she called her FAT. Mya lost it and when she was on top, she SLAPPED Myleena in the face very HARD. Our favorite tattooed girl didnt like it at all, and SLAPPED HER even harder than she gave her a forearm on the chest. poor Mya, she payed for it… Part 2 : They both got up and Myleena SLAPPED Mya’s ass. I dont know if she did that because she wanted to have more competition…but it worked. Mya got mad. She slammed Myleena on the mats, and started giving her forearms and kicks. She lost it. Myleena can take pain and shes very proud so she didnt stop there. She teased Mya some more and got her in different wrestling moves to piss her off even more. I didnt know Myleena could be such a bully. She laughed at her, they pushed each other, pulled each others hair. It was suppose to be a wrestling match, but this part got intense and it was almost like a street fight! Carlos even had to interfere and told them to relax a bit… Part 3 : the girls got even meaner in that part. They jumped on each other, they slapped each other’s face, kicked, forearms, hair pulling, etc. They did it all. It got even more intense. We couldnt believe it, you can hear me (im watching the match) and im quite scared. Dayana and I had to break the fight when Mya kicked Myleena in the stomach while standing up. We knew it would get crazier…
Length: 11 minutes
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MWL-179 Mya vs Dayana The new wrestling league’s first match! FULL VIDEO

October 10th, 2013
Both girls just got accepted to the new MWL. They are now part of the league, they will have to get jiu jitsu classes and pro wrestling classes. Dayana is quite happy to be a part of all this and she’s quite confident because Mya is a ”newbie”. Mya came to the mats with shorts and tshirt to freak out Carlos…but she striped down in a sexy bikini right away! Mya is a pro wrestler, you ca see it by her wrestling style. But she is quite strong and knows many submission holds. The match started quite slow, they are teasing each other, going back and forth, but the competition is raising and raising. Dayana started to tease Mya a little too much for her taste and she got aggressive out of a sudden. She pushed Dayana’s face several time, she even slaped her hard (her face). We didnt expect that…but Dayana didnt start cheating even if Mya seemed to want that kind of match. Dayana showed us skilled we didnt even know she had! she fliped ovr Mya twice to get her is very sexy holds! She really impressed Carlos and I. She didnt lose her focus, she didnt start to wrestle dirty. She kept her style, even if Mya was way more aggressive than at the beginning of the match. Mya was quite bitchy with her, but D didnt care, she’s really into it and really wants tobe the best wrestler of the league! Both are wearing awesome bikinis, perfect for their body type and their personality! Mya went for an print bikini, suits her well with her aggressive and tiger attitude! While Dayana is wearing a shiny silver sexy bikini! perfect for her sparkling personality! I think something started between these two, and its only the beginning!
Length: 12 minutes
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Girls interviews before the auditions

October 4th, 2013



other interviews to come

(I’m really sick right now, so i’ll update everything on monday with all the interviews and first MWL videos!)

Free Clips – Auditions

September 23rd, 2013

Audition #1 Mutiny vs Dayana Click HERE

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Audition #4 Mutiny vs Savannah Click HERE

Audition #5 Mutiny vs Kasumi Click HERE

Audition #6 Mutiny vs Mégane Click HERE

Audition #7 Mutiny vs Jackie Click HERE

Audition #8 Mutiny vs Brittany Click HERE

Audition #9 Mutiny vs Laurie Click HERE

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NWML Audition #09 Laurie vs Mutiny (MY MOM)

September 23rd, 2013
We shot these auditions 3 years ago, then my mom got injured and couldnt wrestle in the MWL. Then, we started audition again for our league, and my mom lost her brother. She couldnt come to audition for the MWL so she asked us if we could use her audition for 3 years ago. We all agreed and she actually got pretty good marks/grades for that audition, Carlos, Entropy and I agreed that shes one of the most agressive fighter we have. She as a great defensive, a crazy offensive, she wants to win, shes a little crazy honestly, but we want to see if she will only be like that with me or with the other girls too. Also, we dont want her to wear leggings for the other matches. still, she’s pretty, and shes my mom, so its hard to wrestle her! I dont feel like injuring her! but Im pretty sure she’ll be in the league! Mom vs Daughter match
Length: 8 minutes
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